Health & Safety Training

Health & Safety Training
Despite the technological advances of today, person-to-person training is still a relevant option to help ensure employees have sufficiently comprehended the subject matter. Comprehension is especially important when training employees on how to safely perform their job to prevent injuries or illness. Often times, videos and on-line programs are passive in nature leaving the employee with a minimal understanding of how to apply key concepts to help prevent an incident at work. Effective training programs can reduce costs associated with down time and work compensation costs.

Benefits of On-Site Training:

1) Provides businesses convenient days and times to minimize impact to operations.

2) Promotes 2-way communication and collaboration between co-workers

3) Provides an avenue to directly relate their learning’s to their working conditions.

4) Ability to tailor topics to reflect company specific procedures, programs and potential hazards.

5) Does not require specialized costly equipment.

6) Does not require loss time and travel expenses for employees to attend.