Permit-Required Confined Space Entry - Progam Gap Assessment

Permit-Required Confined Space Entry - Progam Gap Assessment
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Know your program compliance score with this gap assessment tool. A quick color coded Yes, No or NA answer format tabulates your compliance score. This gap assessment tool also contains links to applicable 29CFR 1910 requirements and OSHA interpretation letters and tips to help manage compliance expectations.

Downloadable tool is an excel 2003-2007 format.


Confined Space Entry - Permit
The OSHA standard for permit required confined space entry requires that the permit used to authorize entry contain certain information.

This is a 2-page confined space entry permit that can be use to supplement your permit-required entry program.
Confined Space - Isolation Checklist
An isolation checklist can be used for confined space entry to ensure that proper procedures are followed to properly isolate all hazards.

Excel document
Confined Spaces - Common Hazards & Controls
List contains common confined space hazards such and simple common control methods. This checklist can be used to assist to identify potential hazards within a confined space.
Confined Space - Rescue Service Evaluation
OSHA requires that employers evaluate internal and external rescue services. This template from provides you the basic evaluation elements.