Respiratory Protection

 Respiratory Protection
Item# RSP

This 2 hour course will cover key OSHA requirements under the respiratory protection standard.

1) Written Respiratory Protection Program

2) Types of respirators

3) Medical clearance requirements

4) Fit testing requirements

5) Training requirements

Every participant will receive handouts and a certificate.

Course will be held at NIU Campus, 5555 Trillium Boulevard, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192.


Respiratory Protection; Voluntary Use - Safety Start-Up
This Safety Start-Up is topic specific and consists of two sections to help promote work site conversation and risk recognition. The Critical Element section identifies key concepts for the topic while the Discussion Points section is in a question format to aid in employee engagement.

Employees will review:

1) Types of inhalation hazards in the workplace.

2) Types of respirators available for voluntary use.

3) How to properly wear and store respirators.

Upon purchase, this Safety Start-Up is a downloadable .pdf document.